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Do I need an attorney to start my business?

Many states provide “do it yourself” forms that will allow you to start your business, but working with an attorney can help you choose the right business type and create formation documents that are specific for your business needs rather than using “cookie cutter” forms. Your attorney can also help you with finding the right insurance for your business needs and ensure that you understand from the very beginning what laws apply to your business and how you can comply with those laws in an efficient manner.

I’ve been reviewing my own contracts since I started my business. Why should I hire an attorney now?

Many entrepreneurs begin their businesses handling everything from purchase of office supplies to hiring and firing employees to managing operations. But as your business grows, you need to focus on your customers, making your operations more efficient, and growing your business. Allowing your outside counsel to handle the legal review of your contracts frees you up to focus on growing your business. Also, as the complexity of your contracts grow, an attorney can work with you to ensure you identify and mitigate the risks in your contracts, saving you time and money.

Can you help with disputes and litigation?

An attorney can often act as a mediator to help you negotiate a resolution to any business dispute without the need for a lawsuit or arbitration. If a negotiated resolution isn’t possible, the Law Offices of Julia Hanft can help you find the right litigation attorney and manage that litigation for you so you can stay focused on your business.

I’ve heard about new data privacy laws. How do I know what my business has to do to comply with these laws?

When new laws are enacted, businesses often have many questions. Does the law apply to my business? What steps do I have to take? How much will this cost me to comply? Having an attorney that understands your business and is proactively reviewing new laws and synthesizing that information for you helps your business stay compliant.