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The Law Offices of

Julia Hanft

Focused on one thing – helping your business succeed.

Your business lawyer should provide not just sound legal advice, but legal advice that is tailored for your business needs. Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that we understand your business so we can provide the right support and the right tools to help your business and your executives be successful.

Ms. Hanft has over 20 years of experience as in-house counsel, helping businesses deal with changes in not only the law but changes in their business. Whether you are launching a new business, a small business starting to grow, a mid-size business dealing with the pressures of changing environments, or a large business that needs additional support, the Law Offices of Julia Hanft can help.

Our firm can support your business whether it operates solely within the United States or has offices or conducts business outside the US. We can also support US Government contractors as well as commercial businesses.

Business Formation

Whether you’re looking to start your own business or purchase an existing business, we can help you get your business off to the best start.

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We can provide you with standard form contracts for use in your business, tailored to your business, such as sales contracts, purchase order terms, and non-disclosure agreements.

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Export Compliance

If your business ships product or technology overseas, or you work with foreign suppliers or foreign partners, we can help ensure that you have the right policies and procedures...

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Government Contracting

Ms. Hanft has over 30 years’ experience in contracting with U.S. Federal Government, U.S. State Government, and Foreign Government agencies...

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Human Resources

Ms. Hanft will work with you to ensure your business is successful in all areas, including HR.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting your company’s intellectual property is a key factor in ensuring your company is successful.

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Legal Compliance

As existing laws are amended or new laws are enacted, the Law Offices of Julia Hanft will help keep your business in compliance.

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Litigation Management

While the Law Offices of Julia Hanft does not engage in litigation, we can support any litigation issues your business may have by helping to identify...

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